We at ZenLeaf love delivering fine cannabis products to our customers, and we’re grateful to anyone who’s recommended us to a friend. In fact, we’re rewarding members who spread the love with $10 REWARD COUPONS for you and each friend who registers because of your referral!

How it Works

  1. Use the form below to input the name and email address of your friend.
  2. ZenLeaf will use the provided email address to send your friend a $10 reward coupon for their first purchase. This coupon can be applied on the cart or checkout pages.
    • (Note: Your friend’s info, like yours, is protected by our privacy policy, and will not be revealed or sold to any third party whatsoever.)
  3. If your friend chooses to register and make a purchase from ZenLeaf, you will automatically be emailed with a $10 reward coupon for your next purchase with us. This coupon will apply to your total cart value, so it works for all our products and services.
  4. Repeat! The more of your friends who register and purchase from us, the more coupons you’ll receive!
  5. Any questions? Just contact us!