Organic High Octane OG

$13.00per gram

  • Purchase 5+ grams to receive a 5% bulk discount.
  • Purchase 14+ grams (0.5 ounce+) to receive a 10% bulk discount.
  • Purchase 28+ grams (1 ounce+) to receive a 15% bulk discount.


A prize winning indica strain, High Octane comes from the lineage of Chemdog, Lemon Thai, Hindu Kush and OG Kush.

These genetics combine into a fast-acting, powerful hybrid that will carry you into a world of fuzzy, lazy tranquility. Perfect for a calm evening  at home, High Octane OG is just the thing to remedy insomnia, physical pain and appetite loss.

High Octane delivers a burst of forested flavour, with aromas of strong pine and lemon. Our organic crop comes with dense mid-sized nugs frosted with tasty terpenes.