Organic GG4 x Forum Cut S1

$14.00per gram

  • Purchase 5+ grams to receive a 5% bulk discount.
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This flower has roots in Gorilla Glue 4 and Forum Cut Cookies S1, both prestigious strains combined into a powerful, exotic hybrid.

Gorilla Glue #4 (also known as GG4) is an award-winning sativa, famous for its high THC content (18-22% on average, or more) and very low CBD. Forum Cut Cookies S1 derives from Girl Scout Cookies, with a classic rich flavor profile of earth, sandalwood and petroleum. Forum Cut delivers the same spacey, cerebral high that made Girl Scout Cookies famous!

The cross is a result of small batch breeding by Fraser Valley craft growers, creating a sticky fragrant flower with a heavy, near-narcotic buzz. Perfect for floating away on your own comfy couch.