Vape Pen REFILLABLE Cartridge – Lemonhead OG by Trichome Gardens

$50.00per refill


Finally, a refillable cartridge for your 510-thread vape pen! A more economical, environmentally-friendly way to vape!

This Trichome Gardens vape pen cartridge comes pre-stocked with Lemonhead OG. Patients will feel uplifted and euphoric. For new users, we recommend 2-3 puffs to start. Effects may take up to 15 minutes to manifest.

Contains .5g of CO2-extracted, solvent-free Lemonhead OG oil.

We recommend refilling this cartridge with Trichome Gardens refill oils. This refill is compatible with the Convection 710 Battery in that kit, or with any standard 510-thread vaporizer pen!