Sugar Wax – Frank’s Gift by Headstash

$90.00per gram


Frank’s Gift is a powerful variant of Skunk Haze, able to generate a high level of CBD between 15-30% while maintaining a high THC level. This strain is excellent for relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and spasms.

Sugar Wax is a pure extract of cannabis, resulting in a product that has a fuller flavour and a slightly grainy texture. High levels of the natural terpenes allows for a richer, more complex flavour profile, and for the enhanced effects of all cannabinoids.

An e-nail rig or dab rig is recommended.

Please note: due to the heat during the summer months, there is a risk that this item could melt in transit. If you order this product to be shipped, you are doing so with this knowledge and no refunds will be offered.