Shatter – Azure Haze by Glacial Gold

$50.00 $42.50per gram


This lovely shatter is an amazing blend of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. Those who pay attention to cannabis lineage may say, “Wait, isn’t this the same as Blue Dream?”, but the Azure Haze is fathered by a male that is one step closer to the parental genetics (in this case, an f4 Blueberry) than the Blue Dream father (an f5), thus making it a distinct hybrid.  Azure Haze presents a fruity palette of terpenes and an upbeat, long-lasting high that slowly gives way to deep, dreamy relaxation.

Shatter is a pure extract of cannabis, resulting in a product that has an amber glass transparency. An e-nail rig or dab rig is recommended.

$50 per gram – Not available in half grams.