Cannabis Suppository – 75mg by BioMed Botanicals

$30.00each box


One of the most effective medicine delivery systems yet developed now comes in cannabis! Yes, really! While the average cannabis user may be hesitant about suppositories, this format remains one of the most effective methods of medicine delivery for patients who aren’t able to smoke or ingest cannabis. While absorption rates can vary from person to person, the general bioavailability of THC in suppositories can be as high as 70-80%, compared to smoking or vaping, (10-30%) or ingesting (40-50%).

Suppositories are ideal for fast-onset but long-lasting cannabis effects compared to oral ingestion. Effects take as little as 20 minutes to start and can last 4-6 hours, making them ideal for fast relief of pain, nausea and muscle spasms.

Each package contains 5 suppositories, at 75mg each.

Keep in a cool, dry area.