Fatty Patty Chill 25mg by Little Green Chef

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Made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate and using whole and simple ingredients, these chocolate and peppermint patties are great treat! Gluten-free, no sugar added (agave to sweeten), and vegetarian, these patties are guilt-free too!

At a manageable 25mg per chocolate, a Fatty Patty is considered lower-dose, offering a lovely, subtle effect, perfect for members with low-to-middle cannabis tolerance or beginners looking to explore the world of edibles. Made from heavy indica strains, the Fatty Patty Chill will put you right in the zen zone.


*Please note, due to the heat during the summer months, there is a risk that this item could melt in transit. If you order this product to be shipped, you are doing so with this knowledge and no refunds will be offered.

*Please note that wrapper colour may vary. Due to packaging shortage, Fatty Patty Chill are currently purple.