Big Sour Tangie Honey Buds by Headstash



Honey Buds, or Moonrocks, are a layered product, made by dipping quality buds in cannabis oil, and then rolling it in keif. Honey buds are a top tier product, made with Headstash’s terpene extract, Terp Gravy, for a high potency hit. Potency is very high, so we recommend you sprinkle a bit on top of your bowl for a nice treat.

This particular Honey Bud is made with 0.5g Chocolate Kush, 0.3ml Sour Tangie Terp Gravy, and 0.3g keif.

*Honey Buds are a very sticky product, and SHOULD NOT be used with a grinder or vape.

*For Best Results, tear up the bud with fingers or scissors you may not be fond of keeping. Glassware or pipes are recommended, as paper products may not stay lit, due to the density of the product.