1:1 Cannacaps – 5mg THC/ 6mg CBD

$3.00per capsule


Brought to us by Bruce Montana, these capsules are made with only Hummingbird whole bud. Use of decarboxilated whole flower increases the healing and therapeutic properties of this strain, the balance of THC and CBD allowing for daytime use without being intoxicating.

Hummingbird is uniquely suited for patients who must manage their conditions through work, school and daily life, without too much of the ‘high’. Its effects are subtle, but very relaxing and (relatively) free of psychoactive side effects. Powerful pain, anxiety, and depression relief are the main highlights of this strain, as well as relief from muscle spasms, seizures, and epilepsy. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities, though Hummingbird combines high CBD with a small amount of THC to boost its mood-lifting properties.

Each capsule contains approximately 5mg THC and 6mg CBD.