COVID-19, Couriers and You

ZenLeaf is here for you.

Like many other service and delivery businesses, ZenLeaf is remaining open through COVID-19 crisis until otherwise stated. We know that people rely on us, and we value your patronage through this stressful time. To that end, we’ve taken precautions to make our service as safe as possible for you and our couriers.

All ZenLeaf’s products are handled by a minimal staff and sterilized with isopropyl alcohol where appropriate. Staff are face-masked as currently recommended by health authorities. All surfaces are sterilized with alcohol in ZenLeaf’s chain of supply. Mail orders are similarly sterilized before shipping.  We have switched to MAIL ONLY during this recent spike in cases.

ZenLeaf’s aim is to be your safest, most reliable option through the duration of the lockdown and beyond. We thank you for continuing to be a part of our network. Stay safe!