ZenLeaf offers guaranteed same-day courier delivery service as an option for customers within Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, North Vancouver, North Surrey, and courier delivery by appointment (same-day not guaranteed) to other locations in the GVRD. See our map below!

This service is FREE for clients located in the City of Vancouver proper, as well as Burnaby (excepting University grounds of UBC and SFU and surrounding areas).

If you’re receiving local same-day courier delivery, your package will arrive by courier right at your door. We deliver to private residences only, and do NOT deliver to hotels or businesses without prior arrangements.

We recognize our members’ right to privacy, so your order will arrive in a discreet, unmarked vehicle. Your package will be similarly discreet, contained in smell-proof packaging.


Please fill out the checkout form with your full address within the GVRD. Please indicate at checkout if you have additional directions for our courier (such as the presence of a basement suite, mail slot, shared accommodation, buzzer/unit number, etc.). Our couriers can’t reach you if they can’t find you!

We may require phone contact with our members in order to confirm addresses or directions or communicate any delays, so please provide a valid phone number. A cell number is preferred.


We are a small company covering a large urban area, and all orders are processed in the order in which we receive them. Therefore, typical wait time is between 2 to 6 hours, but may vary depending on traffic or special considerations (such as holidays). We’re always willing to work with our members’ busy schedules, especially when the order is in advance.

If you’d like to arrange a specific time for delivery, please include your request in “Additional Notes” at the bottom of your checkout and we’ll do our best to satisfy. For best service, advance notice is preferred, as your order will join a queue of orders that are fulfilled as they’re placed. See ‘The Courier-Customer Relationship‘ below. You can also contact us to inquire about the delivery status of a placed order.

Tipping is not required, but appreciated!


ZenLeaf accepts cash-on-delivery and bank e-transfer for courier deliveries. E-transfer deliveries are not dispatched until payment has cleared through Interac. Depending on your bank and several other factors, processing of e-transfers can take over an hour. The time of e-transfer processing is bank-related, and beyond ZenLeaf’s control.


  • MONDAY – 12 – 8PM (Last call for local courier: 7PM*)
  • TUESDAY – 12 -8PM (Last call for local courier: 7PM*)
  • WEDNESDAY – 12 – 8PM (Last call local courier: 7PM*)
  • THURSDAY – 12 – 8PM (Last call for local courier: 7PM*)
  • FRIDAY – 12 – 8PM (Last call for local courier: 7PM*)
  • SATURDAY – 12 – 5PM (Last call for local courier: 4PM*)
  • SUNDAY  – 12 – 5PM (Last call for local courier: 4PM*)

Delivery service begins at 12:00 noon.

Delivery times may extend past closing hours due to order queues. ZenLeaf will be in contact with any customers of any outstanding orders past 10PM in order to arrange other delivery time frames.

Cutoff for our Next-Day Delivery option is 10PM. Next-Day Delivery orders placed after that time will be processed the following business day, and you may not receive your delivery that same day!

*For same-day delivery orders in the teal zone (North Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver — see the map below) last call is 6:30PM!


Delivery within the City of Vancouver and Burnaby is totally free with a minimum order of 100. However, for UBC Endowment Lands, SFU and area, and other regions within the GVRD, delivery fees may apply. These fees will be automatically calculated by the checkout page, based on your delivery address. These fees are not currently negotiable. Please see our guide below.

Customers in our ‘delivery by appointment’ range (i.e. those in the blue zone as indicated on the map below) must contact us to negotiate a delivery time that will work for both the customer and the courier. Same-day delivery is not guaranteed for areas in the blue zone.

Delivery Fee Map 2019


ZenLeaf is accommodating to the needs of our customers. If you place an order and then suspect you may not be present to receive it, please contact us immediately and we’ll gladly arrange a time or date that accommodates your schedule.

Please remember that your order exists in a queue of orders for same-day delivery. If you’re not present to receive your order, or if you cause the courier to delay (i.e. by not having cash in hand) without advance notice, the courier may be forced to skip your order and proceed to the next. At that point, you might not receive your order same-day. In addition, your order will be subject to a $15.00 re-delivery fee. Future deliveries may be withheld until this fee is paid. We request that all couriers provide photographic proof of their arrivals to forestall any disputes. Repeated mis-use of the courier service may result in your account being suspended, terminated or restricted to mail-orders only.