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A whole 5 years since ZenLeaf launched. It’s been a ride. To celebrate we’re offering some of our best deals of the year: Up to 25% off your favourite items all week long*! Check in on these one-day discounts throughout the week!

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COVID-19, Couriers and You

ZenLeaf is here for you.

Like many other service and delivery businesses, ZenLeaf is remaining open through COVID-19 crisis until otherwise stated. We know that people rely on us, and we value your patronage through this stressful time. To that end, we’ve taken precautions to make our service as safe as possible for you and our couriers.

Foremost, we have begun to offer no-contact local deliveries to your doorstep or mailbox. These pre-paid orders are discreet and safe, requiring no face-to-face contact or cash transaction. This method of delivery is easily selectable from the shipping options at checkout. No hassle!

All ZenLeaf’s products are handled by a minimal staff and sterilized with isopropyl alcohol where appropriate. Couriers are face-masked as currently recommended by health authorities. Any and all cash and surfaces are sterilized with alcohol and soap both in the courier vehicle and elsewhere in ZenLeaf’s chain of supply. Mail orders are similarly sterilized before shipping.

ZenLeaf’s aim is to be your safest, most reliable option through the duration of the lockdown and beyond. We thank you for continuing to be a part of our network. Stay safe!

Full spectrum extracts– What the HTFSE is this?

If you’ve seen the letters HTFSCE or HTFSE on our site (or any Brand X cannabis site) and wondered what the heck they mean, you aren’t alone. The first thing to note is that they both refer to different types of full spectrum extract.

It’s all there in the acronyms: HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. HTFSCE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Crystallized Extract.  These terms refer to two different methods of extraction, but are basically two sides of the same delicious coin. Full-spectrum is the champagne of extracts!

And here’s why. Let’s start with the trichome. A cannabis trichome is, speaking simply, the hair or fuzz of the cannabis bud, where you’ll find the highest concentration of cannabinoids (the bio-chemicals that make cannabis different from, say, a tomato). The trichomes don’t just contain cannabinoids, of course. They’re made of regular plant material: cellulose, chlorophyll, waxes, lipids and fats. Many of these aren’t useful to the cannabis experience, either as potency or as flavour. Full spectrum extracts leave the useless plant materials behind, preserving only the full range of cannabinoids for your enjoyment!

Full spectrum extracts contain the broadest range of terpenes — complex oil molecules naturally occurring in cannabis. Terpenes greatly affect flavour depth — they’re responsible for the smell and taste differences of all the different strains of cannabis. The presence or absence of certain terpenes leads to unique, delicious flavour combinations.

Increasingly, creators of full spectrum extracts are artisans of their trades, as serious about flavour and innovation as any craft beer brewer, winemaker or whisky distiller. Some modern concentrate producers are known for their terp sauce — an admittedly ugly name for fascinating new breed of concentrate, based on full spectrum extraction methods. In terp sauce, terpenes are shifted, combined and ‘remixed’ from different cannabis strains to achieve truly unique flavour and psychoactive effects.

In any form, full spectrum extracts provide a clean, tasty, and highly effective next level dabbing experience. For a more detailed look at the extraction process, check out WeedMaps’ video here:

While HTFSE is a heavy hitter all on its own, you can take things to the next level with HTFSCEcrystallized extract. Specifically these crystals are THCa crystals (note the letter ‘a’ there!), also known as THC diamonds among aficionados. THCa crystals are formed naturally by the cannabis plant, and is typically converted to plain old THC by the heat of extraction, smoking or vaping. But the original form of THCa is a worthy cannabis component on its own, with some unique therapeutic properties.

The heatless full-spectrum extraction of HTFSCE preserves the cannabis’s natural THCa crystals, and the thick resin helps slow their decarboxylation (conversion to THC) at room temperature, so you can get the full enjoyment of the crystals in whatever way you choose to consume them. (We recommend refrigerating your extracts to slow the conversion process further and keep your concentrates fresh!)

If you’re ready to begin exploring the world of full-spectrum extracts, check out ZenLeaf’s concentrate sales, running for the third week of every month. Save 15% on these intense new flavours while supplies last!

7/10 Dab Draw raffle results!

It’s been a great couple of weeks! After many entries to our two-tiered Dab Day prize raffle, we’re pleased to announce the two lucky winners of our random draw! With their permission and support, ZenLeaf would like to announce:

  • Justin Meroni, winner of the +$200 Dab Draw prize: an E-Nail kit and 3 grams of shatter, courtesy of Headstash’s Clearly Medicinal.
  • Eileen Davidson, curator of Chronic Eileen, winner of our +$100 Dab Draw prize: 1 Yocan Evolve Plus Pen, 1 Ceramic Cerum Wax Atomizer, and 1.5g of shatter from Headstash’s Clearly Medicinal.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all our members for your participation in another great contest.

Please stay tuned for more exciting draws and contests from ZenLeaf!

Hot Summer Deals From Headstash & ZenLeaf!

Happy Dab Day! As of July 10th, all orders over $200 will be entered into a sizzling draw for a chance to win an: E-Nail Kit & 3g Shatter from Headstash. This amazing E-Nail Kit, courtesy of Headstash, displays heater temperature (accurate to the degree) and can be programmed to the temperature of your choosing, making your vape experience endlessly customizable!

(image is approximate — may be minor differences)

Unit includes:

  • 1x G9 pelican case enail
  • 1x 5 feet coil heater, XLR plug
  • 1x Grade 2 Titanium Carbcap/Dabber Combo
  • 1x G9 6 feet power cable
  • 1x G9 pelican case


 And we haven’t forgotten the rest of you! Orders UNDER $200 will be entered for a chance to win an awesome: Evolve Plus Pen from YoCan ($35 value), an additional Ceramic Cerum Wax Atomizer from YoCan ($15 value), and 1.5g of Shatter from Headstash (up to $75 value!).

Each order counts as a separate contest entry, so the more orders you make, the more chances you’ve got to win!

Winners will be announced July 21st, 2017, so that’s two business weeks to get your orders in!

And our Summer Savings don’t stop there! ALL, yes you read that right, ALL Headstash products are 15% off ALL of July! Time to stock up on your tasty treats and shatter. Perfectly portable summertime goodies!

Loving our prizes? Increase your chance of winning by getting an extra entry! Simply follow and tag both @headstashesgas & @zenleaf.delivery on Instagram. Social media entries are only one per customer!

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