7/10 Dab Draw raffle results!

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It’s been a great couple of weeks! After many entries to our two-tiered Dab Day prize raffle, we’re pleased to announce the two lucky winners of our random draw! With their permission and support, ZenLeaf would like to announce:

  • Justin Meroni, winner of the +$200 Dab Draw prize: an E-Nail kit and 3 grams of shatter, courtesy of Headstash’s Clearly Medicinal.
  • Eileen Davidson, curator of Chronic Eileen, winner of our +$100 Dab Draw prize: 1 Yocan Evolve Plus Pen, 1 Ceramic Cerum Wax Atomizer, and 1.5g of shatter from Headstash’s Clearly Medicinal.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all our members for your participation in another great contest.

Please stay tuned for more exciting draws and contests from ZenLeaf!

Hot Summer Deals From Headstash & ZenLeaf!

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Happy Dab Day! As of July 10th, all orders over $200 will be entered into a sizzling draw for a chance to win an: E-Nail Kit & 3g Shatter from Headstash. This amazing E-Nail Kit, courtesy of Headstash, displays heater temperature (accurate to the degree) and can be programmed to the temperature of your choosing, making your vape experience endlessly customizable!

(image is approximate — may be minor differences)

Unit includes:

  • 1x G9 pelican case enail
  • 1x 5 feet coil heater, XLR plug
  • 1x Grade 2 Titanium Carbcap/Dabber Combo
  • 1x G9 6 feet power cable
  • 1x G9 pelican case


 And we haven’t forgotten the rest of you! Orders UNDER $200 will be entered for a chance to win an awesome: Evolve Plus Pen from YoCan ($35 value), an additional Ceramic Cerum Wax Atomizer from YoCan ($15 value), and 1.5g of Shatter from Headstash (up to $75 value!).

Each order counts as a separate contest entry, so the more orders you make, the more chances you’ve got to win!

Winners will be announced July 21st, 2017, so that’s two business weeks to get your orders in!

And our Summer Savings don’t stop there! ALL, yes you read that right, ALL Headstash products are 15% off ALL of July! Time to stock up on your tasty treats and shatter. Perfectly portable summertime goodies!

Loving our prizes? Increase your chance of winning by getting an extra entry! Simply follow and tag both @headstashesgas & @zenleaf.delivery on Instagram. Social media entries are only one per customer!

MeadowSweet Tea Contest / Draw!

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Do you love ZenLeaf? Do you love tea? Well, we’ve got the contest for you!

To enter: please follow us on Instagram, take a photo of you enjoying a nice cup of tea (any sort of tea, not just ours!) and tag us on Instagram between now and July 1st, 2017.  Please note, you will have to properly tag us to enter, and also be following us on Instagram. You can have multiple entries, for multiple photos (no repeats). Limited to one entry / photo a day. You can find our Instagram here.

We’ll randomly draw one name from the entries to win your choice of THREE (3) packages of MeadowSweet Herbs cannabis-infused tea! The winner will be announced on Monday, July 3rd!






  • Must be a ZenLeaf registered member.
  • Must follow us on Instagram. ← Make sure your account is public.
  • Must tag us on your post.
  • One entry per original photo.
  • One one entry per day per person. You can enter every day!

Please follow us:

Facebook   Instagram   Twitter  

Also, leave us some love:


High Tea: Meet our newest microdosing solution.

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Organic Cannabis Edibles: MeadowSweet cannabis-infused artisanal tea

As purveyors of the finest cannabis edibles in Canada, we thought it was only right that we dedicate a post to our new line of amazing low dose cannabis tea! Not only do they offer a great way to microdose and start your morning off right, but these tea blends are full of other plant goodness that can help with a variety of other health and wellness issues. They could even help you quit coffee!*



Like most people, I love coffee in the mornings — but not like most people, I also have anxiety. The combination can lead to over-caffeination and general zazziness (the bad kind), especially if you drink too much of it! So I started looking for another solution to get me going in the mornings. Being dedicated to product quality, I volunteered to test out one of the teas (selfless, I know). I decided that MeadowSweet’s Vitali Tea sounded intriguing.

We don't offer cannabis-infused coffee... yet.

The Vitali Tea is an amazing blend of herbs that are not only uplifting, but are also anxiety-reducing. This gave me the delightful experience of having a great boost in both energy and motivation, but also a calming effect. This means I can have a super productive day, but don’t get over stimulated, and I found that it also gave me great focus and clarity.

I also noticed unlike with the mega-crash I normally get from coffee, this energy lasted for hours, and didn’t result in me crashing and burning early afternoon.

Needless to say…

Portland is pretty cool but do they have BC bud? No.


These teas are flying off the shelves almost as fast as we can stock them. Do yourself a favor and try one of them today. You can find them here in our cannabis edibles section!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Where these teas do have other herbs in them, you may want to speak with your medical practitioner before trying them out. You want to be sure they will work well with any of your pre existing medical conditions, and also your medications. We want all of our customers to be safe, happy, and healthy, so stay tuned for a full breakdown of all the delicious, beneficial herbs and plants that go into a hot cup of MeadowSweet! <3

Celebrate 420 with us! Prizes and goodies!

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420 is changing! Cannabis culture constantly evolves, and so do we. To best serve our loyal customers, we’ve decided to skip the downtown ruckus and bring 420 to your door! That’s right, ZenLeaf Delivery will remain open on 420. And that’s not all: For that one day, April 20th, enjoy 20% off the whole store! (some exceptions may apply, and some existing discounts will be removed)

In addition, every order from Monday April 17 until April 20th will be entered into a draw to win one of 2 amazing prizes! Two lucky customers will walk away with a huge bag of goodies on our draw-date of April 21.


All orders over $100 are eligible to win The 420 Grand Prize!
  • 1 Triple-Dose Brownie
  • 1 Rasta Bar
  • 1 Bag Of Green Goddess Chips
  • 4 Fatty Patty Chocolate Mints
  • 1 Cake Pop
  • 1 Rainbow Pack (every flavour of Ganja Drops!)
  • 1 Twisty Blunt
  • 1 Shatter Pack (6 .5g samples)
  • 7 grams of organic Bruce Montana bud
  • Plus more goodies!

All orders under $100 are eligible to win The 420 Fun Pack!

  • 1 Glass Mini-Bong
  • 1 Triple-Dose Brownie
  • 1 Rasta Bar
  • 1 Bag Of Green Goddess Chips
  • 4 Fatty Patty Chocolate Mints
  • 1 Cake Pop
  • 1 Rainbow Pack (every flavour of Ganja Drops!)
  • 1 Mini Shatter Pack (4 .5g samples)
  • 3.5 grams of organic Bruce Montana bud
  • Plus more goodies!

Finally, every order on April 20th will get a free surprise gift from us! Trust us, you’ll love it!

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