Organic Marijuana and You

organic-marijuana-labelWe at ZenLeaf are convinced that organic marijuana is the next phase of the Canadian cannabis industry– both in terms of consumer health and safety, and in terms of legitimizing medical marijuana as a mainstream remedy for a variety of medical conditions. We expect that the popularity of organic marijuana will expand as more and more consumers choose organic strains and end up making a permanent lifestyle change.

In Canada, there is currently no industry standard for what “organic” means, as applied to medical marijuana. As cannabis products are not currently regulated by a consumer inspection agency, it’s up to growers and distributors to define the term until the government can catch up. This has proven problematic, of course, with many consumers relying on a sort of honour system or word-of-mouth to acquire organic strains, with inconsistent results.

At Zenleaf, we accept organic “craft cannabis” varietals only from selected growers whose farming processes we trust and/or have inspected ourselves, and we laboratory-test our suppliers for pesticide and fertilizer content to ensure that our labeling is accurate.

At Zenleaf, we define organic by two simple criteria in the growing process:

  • No chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides whatsoever
  • No petrochemical-based fertilizers

That’s it!

In practical terms, we recognize that growing cannabis requires an amount of pest and fungus control. For us to label a strain organic, we accept only natural solutions to farming problems, such as the use of chrysanthemum oil or peppermint oil to control spider mites. These are already well-known solutions among organic gardeners which are increasing in popularity with marijuana growers, and which don’t negatively impact the health value or flavour of the marijuana.

But how can you know whether your cannabis is organic or not? The same way you know with a farmer’s market tomato or cucumber: in the end, it’s all about the flavour!


  • Cleaner, more intense flavour and smoke
  • More powerful highs, with fewer negative side effects, illness or unpleasant ‘trips’
  • No exposure to pesticides or other chemical residue (often the source of illness and bad trips more than the strain itself!)
  • Thus, less risk of adverse health effects, allergic reactions or hypersensitivity
  • Hardier strains to favour long-term growth cycles, ‘heritage’ cannabis plants and hybridizing
  • Decreased environmental effects of pesticides or soil contamination
  • No use of petroleum-based fertilizers, thus environmentally greener with a smaller carbon footprint

If you’re interested in organics, ZenLeaf’s organic cannabis selection is a great place to start. Remember that new registrations get one free gram of any strain, so you can sample any organic strain with your favourites.

Try it and see if organic is right for you– we’re confident that it will be!